What Wajih is trying to do ?

Script from wiki page on Crosby

Lynton Keith Crosby AO (born 1957 in Kadina, South Australia)[ is an Australian political strategist who has been described as a “master of the dark political arts,” “the Wizard of Oz,” “the Australian Karl Rove,” and “one of the most powerful and influential figures in the (Australian) nation”.[

Crosby is described as favouring what is called a wedge strategy, whereby the party he advises introduces a divisive or controversial social issue into a campaign, aligning its own stance with the dissenting faction of its opponent party, with the goal of causing vitriolic debate inside the opposing party, defection of its supporters, and the legitimising of sentiment which had previously been considered inappropriate.

If you understand what is written above, you don’t need to read further. Wajih is trying to create partition in party before next local body election. He along with hamid khan are working to damage party. Wajih also tries to create bad impression during judicial commission hearing by bringing bad image of IK, by showing that how he is disrespecting judges. HE is praising akbar babar on talk shows. His attack on khattak is a direct attack on KP govt. He is an utter destruction. His meeting was an act to get media attention and get some authority. Plz do show some sense and you can oust wajih for bringing internal info on media, if you want as cover up. I hope the sense prevails this time. IK should also hire some good political strategist like Corsby.

Ali Umair Khan


What went wrong for PTI for 19 years ?

We have to fight for the old guard who are sacrificing since 18 years. We have to bring them in top layer of party. They are the people who have done immense sacrifice for the party. They need our support now.

Justice Wajih & Hamid Khan                                                                                                                      Dated: 31 July, 2015

For long 18 years , Imran khan has been blackmailed buy these groups, They were given tickets in 1996 General Elections , result they were failed in it. They were given tickets in 2001 local body , they again failed. They were given ticket in 2003 elections, results they were again failed, Khan was the lone success. They were given ticket in 2005, local body election, they again failed. PTI gave 80% tickets to new comers, result; PTI had no candidates on 40% polling station.

Problem is this that, Nawaz league had always some people in PTI top folds like Javed Hashmi and Hamid Khan, who always have put PTI on wrong path, their instance on inexperienced candidate made Khan choose wrong candidates. I have been supporter of PTI for long, I ask, how long PTI will get blackmailed by these groups, till how long my vote will be wasted in flush. I want good people in top slots, who know election science, which is altogether very complex mechanism.

MQM, PTI Karachi leadership and game of chess

MQM will do dharna like Imran Khan and will do whatever it holds necessary.

Altaf Hussain, June 2015.


MQM has gone out of assemblies to degrade PTI, their resignations from senate though will never going to accepted, but if election held now, they will come with bang, as PPP has not done any work in Karachi, and they have huge victim card due to operations, in which police is specially victimizing innocents. Success of Karachi operation lies in prosecution of big figure of MQM, especially Altaf Hussain, which Britain will never allow. If MQM tall guys are prosecuted today, they will come with bang and destroy the Karachi peace. They have very genuine vote bank, which revives when they are victimized and development work don’t occur in their areas.

PTI Karachi Leadership

People of Karachi are facing immense difficulties due to non-availability of proper transport system, especially when Chingchi is also banned, but Karachi clueless leadership is not understanding ground situation. They are the people who even don’t read local newspapers. There is dirt and filth everywhere but no one is raising any voice, I just cannot understand what kind of people they are, they only thrives on abusing MQM and buttering Imran Khan and do nothing on ground. They needs to be fired and Imran Khan should have loyal ISF boys, who inform him of locals sentiments on weekly basis. Same thing should be done in the rest of the country.

Game of chess

Imran Khan is actually surrounded by boot lickers, who are either non serious/ incompetent or they are working for others, one recent example is Simon Sharf, who is Christian and was not promoted to top ranks. Imran Khan is too naive probably and accepts people as they are. Politics is a game of chess, where shrewd politicians plan everything two or three steps ahead. Every step is taken with purpose, and to influence some desired goals in future, where agents are planted in enemy ranks to influence proceedings and take decisions which could help enemy.

How Wajih mess can be dealt with ?

Jahangir Tareen was with Musharraf, and now he has encroached the party.

Wajihuddin Ahmed. 14 August, 2015.

By above statement, one can analyze, what is the real issue of Wajih. Real issue of Wajih was the hatred for Musharraf. I ask how can one decide about someone, whom he has so much hatred. Mr. Wajih has hatred for Musharraf and all those who were with him. Judges are answerable to God for their decisions, How can the person with so much venom can decide about someone.

How can someone with no authority can run tribunal and decide people cases one-sidedly, without giving them chance to make their point of view, and when he says votes were brought up, I ask, is it not the norm to get votes by dishing out food and spending money. Getting votes through different means is right thing, but the voters should decide who is the best candidate in the very interest of the party. These things are norms and should be there, as if we ban them, almost all party elections will be nullified, but those who have sold tickets, must not be allowed to hold party offices again. Those who have given tickets to family members, must not be allowed to give tickets next time.

PTI Election commission should announce these decisions, If the PTI election commission don’t announce these decisions, they should be fired, as Tasneem Noorani also runs school in Punjab and he could be pressurized. By announcing these decision, we can negate Wajih claims. All he is doing to nullify Imran Khan efforts for the prosecutions of culprits of 2013 elections. We must prosecute those who were involved in election rigging.